Replay of BJPENN.COM’S FIST-ta-CUFF Radio Show 186 “This Is Jiu-Jitsu,” Daniel Straus, & Vinny Magalhães

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“This Is Jiu-Jitsu” is a film that’s being supported by members of Renzo Gracie’s NYC Academy. The purpose of the film is to document the history, the stories, and the culture of what makes BJJ what it is worldwide. Think about it there has never been a film like this made since the start of the sport. Jiu-Jitsu is one of the biggest parts of Mixed Martial Arts and a huge reason that the UFC even exists. Just as importantly, it speaks on the the McDojo syndrome that’s become prevalent in the last several years with schools teaching BJJ without having a serious lineage or credentials to support their teaching.

The film’s production is being backed by raising money to see everything through, we will talk about how you can help fund this amazing film. The money donated will help to includes travel costs, filming production costs, and post production costs. Once the film has been completed, it will be available for everyone to see as a NON-PROFIT affair. The film will run the film festival circuit and afterwards “This Is Jiu-Jitsu” won’t be up for sale, but rather served as its own donation to BJJ and MMA schools worldwide. Get ready to learn more and hear plenty about what could be MMA & BJJ’s biggest film of all time.

As you can see by the picture for our next guest he isn’t in the fight business to play games, he entered the Bellator tournament for two things. His check and his shot at the title; he got his check, but a hand injury has kept him from getting his chance at the belt. We will talk to Daniel about his time out healing from the injury, what he has done to stay busy knowing that he is the next #1 contender, watching others go through the Bellator Tournament Format, and more. Daniel has been a stable on FIST-ta-CUFF Radio since before our move to so don’t miss this interview cause we got a man that is determined to take what he has worked hard to claim. Get over to Twitter and follow Daniel on Twitter @DanielStraus

Vinny Magalhães is wrapping up the show as he gets set to take on Phil Davis in a match up where he hopes to wrap up another win and a step closer to the top of the 205 lb division. This match up has had some smack talk back and forth and I’m looking forward to talking with Vinny about his desire to fight Phil. Vinny was the one that asked for this fight, so there will be plenty to talk about from how Vinny thinks he stacks up on the ground with Phil, why he chose Phil as the man to call out, his training for the fight, and his time on this season of the Ultimate Fighter. Trust me this is just the tip of the iceberg and you never know where this interview could go. Make sure to get over to twitter and follow Vinny @VinnyMMA

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