Renowned Nutritionist: ‘Modern Weight Cutting Practices Are Primitive’

John Lineker


There has been much talk lately of weight cutting, mainly, what can be done to prevent fighters from cutting too much weight, and potentially harming themselves in the process.

UFC 183 showcased the major problem with weight cutting. Kelvin Gastelum was sick, and weighed in 9 pounds overweight. John Lineker, who fought on the preliminary card, came in 5 pounds overweight, marking the 4th time he’s missed weight in his 8 Octagon appearances.

Nutritionist George Lockhart, who works with many fighters, including Cris Cyborg, spoke about the way fighters cut weight, and what can be done to improve the weight-cut process.

“This sport has grown so much. The striking, the ground, everything has evolved so much, but the weight cut practices are still primitive. It’s like that in most weight sports like wrestling. Still, I was shocked. I was like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe people still do this.’ They put the sweats on, they run into the sauna or they just keep running until they hit weight or don’t hit weight.”

“I think people need to be educated on this. A lot of people, they go back to nutritionists and dieticians, but there’s no school for weight cutting. If you go to any nutritionists, it goes against just about everything that they’re taught. It’s a totally new science and I think we have to get it out there.”

– via MMAFighting