Renan Barao: Dillashaw would crap his pants fighting me in Brazil


“Fighting in Brazil for the first time is amazing. I’m well trained, doing an excellent camp. Every fight is important. Just to have the opportunity to go in there and show my work is amazing. I’m really happy with the opportunity to fight here.”

“I think [T.J.] would crap his pants. Fighting in the United States is easy. I want to see him fighting me in Brazil. It’s completely different.

“Dillashaw is talking too much crap. If we fight again, you can be sure it will be completely different,. When we fight again, he will see the real champion. I don’t like to make jokes, talk trash. I like to show my work inside the cage, show the best Renan Barao possible. He can enjoy that belt for now, because it’s coming back to Brazil soon… My goal is to fight for the title again. If (Dillashaw) has the title, I hope I can fight him as soon as possible. That’s my goal.”


In a recent interview with, former UFC bantamweight champion discussed his desire for redemption, against T.J. Dillashaw.



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