RECAP! ‘Ultimate Fighter: Team McGregor vs. Team Faber’ Ep. 4

Episode 3 Quick Recap: Urijah Faber’s Team America picked up their second victory in a row when Chris Gruetzemacher pulled off a decision win against Sascha Sharma. Conor McGregor blew a gasket in Sharma’s corner during the fight as the European fighter refused to follow the interim champion’s instruction; Every time McGregor told Sharma to strike, he would simply pull guard.

Conor McGregor had a heart-to-heart talk with Sascha Sharma in the locker room directly after his loss to Chris Gruetzemacher. McGregor was frustrated that Sharma didn’t listen to his instructions and accused him of not having the “fire” it takes to win fights. After McGregor left the locker room, he ran into Urijah Faber who gave the interim champion some advice of his own.

Team Europe has been undergoing two training sessions during their days: One morning session with McGregor’s coaches and an evening session with the champion himself. Faber pointed out the holes in McGregor’s training tactics and requested he start attending morning sessions as well. Of course, McGregor took issues with this and essentially told Faber to coach his own team.

Team America’s “Toothless” Tom Gallicchio will be stepping into the octagon with Marcin Wrzosek in tonight’s fight. Faber agreed with Gallicchio the best way to approach the fight is to set up his takedowns with simple combinations. Once the fight hits the floor, Gallicchio sounded confident he could land a submission win.

Team Europe’s Wrzosek showed rays of brilliance in the evening’s training session with McGregor where they worked on takedown and various grappling defensive drills. Again, McGregor is confident that his team will take home the victory so long as they follow the gameplan and listen to instruction.

Johnny Nunez didn’t make a practice session and chose to hang back at the house. Faber was the man who brought him back to the show on the second episode of the season and was not happy to find out he didn’t show up to practice without warning.

The fight was made official when both Gallicchio and Wrzosek made weight.

The Fight: Tom Gallicchio vs. Marcin Wrzosek

Round 1: The two fighters exchange jabs for about a full minute before Gallicchio attempted to take the back of a standing Wrzosek. Wrzosek showed resiliency by remaining on his feet while Gallicchio tried to drag him to the ground. Wrzosek ultimately shrugged his opponent off his back and started to take full control of the fight. Gallicchio tried his hardest to remain on Wrzosek’s back and his legs were rubber by the time the two made it back to their feet. The round ended with Wrzosek on top of Gallicchio, pounding his fists into the face of the American who tried desperately for a submission.

Round 2: Gallicchio showed signs of fatigue at the start of the second round while Wrzosek was ready to attack full-force. Gallicchio capitalized on escaping Wrzosek’s triangle submission attempt by eventually gaining full mount where he made his the European pay for his slip-up. Gallicchio didn’t remain in control for long, however, as Wrzosek was able to reverse full mount and put Gallicchio on his back. Gallicchio wall walked his way back to his feet, but it wasn’t without taking some serious shots. Wrzosek dropped Gallicchio and followed him to the ground where the American tried to catch him in a hold. Wrzosek was having none of this, however, and let Gallicchio back to his feet. Gallicchio tried his hardest to take the fight back to the ground where he would have the advantage, but Wrzosek stuffed each and every takedown attempt proving to be the more dominant fighter.

Marcin Wrzosek def. Tom Gallicchio by way of Unanimous Decision

After the fight, Wrzosek called out Gruetzemacher. Team Europe’s locker room is as live as it has ever been; The team and McGregor are elated to finally take home the win.

Team America: 2 wins, 0 losses
Team Europe: 1 win, 2 losses

Fight Announcement: Team Europe’s Saul Rogers vs. Team America’s Billy Quarantillo

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