Real Gangster Sonnen Isn’t Worried About Lynching In Brazil

As Chael Sonnen prepares to embark on his journey across the southern border to coach the latest installment of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil, some have worried about his safety among the local population.

Sonnen has long been an outspoken antagonist towards Brazil and its fighters and now he will have to navigate the streets of the South American country while on assignment to serve as coaching opposite to hometown hero, Wanderlei Silva.

He recently discussed the threat of violence he may soon be under with Fighters Only Magazine:

“I think it is possible. I was more concerned with the possibility of lynching, maybe knife attack. But yeah I think [getting shot] is possible. But because I am a gangster, I don’t live with fear. I do whatever I want, wherever I want… I would like to go to the beach. [Dana White] suggested very sophisticated [security] measures, more than I could have suggested.”

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