Rampage Talks UFC vs. Bellator: ‘Bellator’s Getting Higher Ratings Than The UFC’

If people were trying to decide on who to sign with, Bellator or the UFC, I would ask them to ask themselves what’s more important to them? Longevity in a career? Or just being able to tell your friends that you fought in the UFC?

Granted, the UFC is the premier league right now. They’re pretty much the name, they’re the name that everybody recognize. So many people even think our sport is called UFC.

So if that’s what you’re looking for…is to be with the company for short term so you can say ‘oh, I fight for the UFC,” then go ahead and sign with the UFC. But if you want to be with a company that will allow you to grow and not tax you on your sponsorships and not throw you to the wolves on your first fight…basically treat you like a human being and will promote you if you are worth being promoted, then I will say go with a company like Bellator.

At the end of the day it’s all about what you’re looking for.

If you want longevity, I would go with a company like Bellator that you can grow with. And here’s a secret that the UFC won’t tell you, and will never tell you, but right now Bellator is getting more ratings than the UFC. And sponsors understand stuff like that. So a lot of sponsors are going to come over and jump to Bellator and UFC sponsorships are going to go down because if you don’t have the ratings you don’t have the commercial money and the people to watch the commercials and you don’t have the endorsement dollars.

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