Rampage Jackson Opens Up On Why He Left Bellator For A Return To The Octagon


“I learned that the hard way when I knocked out Chuck Liddell and everybody was booing. Wow, that never happened to me. I was coming from Japan where I never had a crowd boo me in my life. It changed me and changed the way I looked at the fans, that day. I used to be a big time fan friendly guy until that day. You fight for the fans. Don’t let them control your life.”

“I was really upset with the UFC. Not everybody in the UFC. It was just the way I felt, like I should get more respect for the things I brought to the table and how I approach every fight.

“I’m not going to lie. I was real salty when I left UFC. I didn’t like a couple of things that Dana said when I fought injured. I took it to heart because I felt like I was trying to save the relationship with UFC and Dana by fighting injured and not pulling out of the fight when I was fighting in Japan [at UFC 144].”

In a recent interview on Bruce Buffer’s “It’s Time” Podcast, former UFC champ, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson talked about his recent promotion hopping.

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“I thought [Bjorn Rebney] was a different person. I cut all ties as soon as I found out the guy was full of sh*t. My manager talked to him every day and I couldn’t believe it. I have no relationship with him.”

“I don’t understand why Scott Coker is so butthurt over this whole thing. He came into a really bad problem, but I think he tried to handle it wrong. I did the deal with Viacom and it goes higher than Bjorn Rebney or Scott Coker and that’s what I’m learning now.

“Scott Coker was brought in (to) clean up the mess somebody else made. He just handled my mess wrong. I’m a little bit different than those other fighters. I came over first, then Tito Ortiz came, then Stephan ‘boner’ came. I was trying to build up the organization. They should have been like, ‘Let’s keep Rampage happy.’ Instead, they tried to manipulate me. I’m not with this sh*t.”

“I just got me a Dodge Hellcat a couple days ago. I want to give a big shoutout to Lorenzo Fertitta for this Hellcat. Thank you, sir. Lorenzo has always been cool.”

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