Rampage Jackson Finally Settles Lawsuit

Rampage Jackson

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has had a rough couple of years when it comes to appearing in courtrooms, but it appears one of his impending lawsuits have finally been settled.

Tito Ortiz was on a mission years ago to brand Juanito Ibarra as a “thief” for overcharging Jackson in several of his training camps leading up to some UFC fights. After a split, Ibarra, Ortiz and Jackson were involved in a lawsuit from 2009 that was finally settled earlier Thursday.

“Juanito Ibarra and I have resolved the lawsuits that have been pending for a number of years,” said Rampage in a press release. “While we have had our differences in the past, it is all now behind us.”

“Juanito didn’t steal from or take advantage of Rampage and he didn’t mismanage Rampage’s money it was all accounted for. I regret the effect my words had on Juanito’s life. Juanito is a trainer and manager of superior skills and the fact is, he helped to make Rampage a champion. Anyone would be blessed to be taught by Juanito,” said Ortiz in a statement

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