Ralek Gracie on CM Punk in Metamoris: “I don’t see him lasting more than a couple minutes”

Punk and Gracie

With the signing of CM Punk, many are aware of Punk’s training in JiuJitsu under Rener Gracie. With his experience in JiuJitsu, many are wondering how Punk, real name Phil Brooks, would fair in a Metamoris grappling match.

Ralek Gracie, the founder of Metamoris spoke about Brooks’ odds in a Metamoris match.

“CM has a huge fan base but I’m not aware of any top level grappling creds that he has. I’d be open to talking about it but he would have to show us that he would be able to hang with our guys. To be honest I don’t see him lasting more than a couple minutes against any of them.”

– via BloodyElbow

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