QUICK TWITT | Anthony Pettis And Gilbert Melendez Engage In Twitter Beef – Ben Henderson Steps In


With The 20th Season of the UFC’s Ultimate Fighter reality series underway, coaches Anthony Pettis and Gilbert Melendez have had a chance to get to know each other a little bit better.

The result?

Twitter beef:

The Caption Reads, Anthony Pettis told me we should sell the fight. Well how about this @showtimepettis I’m going to whoop your ass on Dec.6 and take the @ufc belt back to California where it belongs. #SkrapPack #teamMelendez #elniƱo #graciefighter #ajj #notsellingshit #truth #wolftickets #mybelt

The two will fight in December for the UFC’s lightweight strap.

Following the spat, former lightweight champ, Benson Henderson stepped in:

Ha!!! These fighters trying to ‘sell’ you guys fights, it’s faker than that wanksta rap with their ‘beef’ from back in the day…I mean if two guys genuinely dislike one another, cool, if two guys have mad respect for each other that’s cool too, but selling out and faking what and who you are to try and fool the public into buying your fights, that has always struck me as a lack of integrity kind of move…

I promise you guys and gals I’ll never try to ‘sell’ fights, all I’ll ever do is go in that Octagon as prepared as I can be, not save anything for the swim back to shore and do my best…

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