PSHH!! OLYMPICS? Brazil TKD Fighter Says Anderson Silva Is A Joke

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva

“Let’s stop kidding. Myself and most of the tae kwon do athletes are fed up with this thing about Anderson Silva trying to apply for the Olympic Games. He can try just like anyone who is officiated by the regulations can. Many people are taking this very seriously, but I don’t think this is more than a joke, some kind of personal marketing. Everybody is putting it carefully, but I’m tired. I have nothing against him, I don’t even know him personally, but this is a laughing matter. If he really wants to apply for the spot, then let him come. It’s his risk and I think he’ll have to really prepare if he doesn’t want to embarrass himself. I’m looking forward to it. There won’t be any more jokes or games about it. There, I said it.”

William Cezario Felix, a member of Brazil’s taekwondo team, caught wind that former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva intended to try out for the Olympic team. Apparently, Felix thinks the idea was laughable at best and that it is just a publicity stunt.

Anderson Silva was suspended for steroids in February and has been out of competition since. While Silva has been training in the gym, his future as a UFC fighter is in question and it could be possible that “The Spider” is just hungry for competition. Do you think he could make the Olympic team?

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