Poirier Slams McGregor Again, Says He Needs To “Get His A** Whipped”

dustin poirier png

The plot thickens between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor. The pair were trading shots back before the bout was even announced, and as we get closer and closer to UFC 178 this Saturday, things have only got more heated.

Poirier spoke to Foxsports.com about the bout, and how McGregor reminds him of Chael Sonnen.

Even if it’s not putting pressure on him, he’s selling the fight, he’s working for me, he’s doing the footwork. I just sit back and train and prepare and he gets everybody hyped up about it.

“He’s kind of like a Chael Sonnen — people are either watch to see him do what he says he’s going to do or they’re going to tune in to watch him get his ass whipped. Either way, they’re going to be watching me fight and that’s important.”

“This guy needs to get his ass whipped and his mouth shut. I’m the guy to serve the humble pie.”

Who takes this fight on Saturday night?

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