Pit Bull Mauling Aside, Grispi’s Wife Wants To Work Things Out

One day before the War Machine fiasco, another UFC fighter had been jailed for domestic violence, and it was pretty bad too. (More on that HERE)

In what local authorities called, ‘The most horrific case of domestic violence’ they had ever seen, UFC veteran Josh Grispi allegedly assaulted his wife, then had his pit bull attack her.

Now, in an interview with Middleborough’s Wicked Local, the wife speaks out in defense of her husband.

Here’s what she said,

“My husband’s a great father and my kids miss him so much. It’s hard. My son’s birthday is tomorrow. It’s just rough. It’s sad because they’re making it out to be way crazier than what it was. Yes. What he did is wrong. That is wrong to put your hands on a girl, and I understand that and I know that. I’m not just going to throw away a marriage. Behind closed doors, everyone has a fight. Maybe not that far, but everyone’s gonna fight. Every marriage has its problems. Does that mean you give up on it?”

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