PHOTO | Pat Miletich Inducted Into UFC Hall-Of-Fame

Last weekend in Las Vegas, an unexpected rivalry was squashed when Dana White inducted former UFC champion and longtime antagonist, Pat Miletich into the UFC’s Hall-Of-Fame.

This week in an interview with ‘The MMA Hour’ the former champ touched on his recent induction.

Check it:

“It’s not something I expected. Dana and I butted heads for a while. It is what it is; water under the bridge now, which I am very happy about. There was a (time) a few years back that the chances of me getting inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, hell freezing over was more likely. Yeah, it was surprising.”

“When I got involved in the sport, there was no UFC Hall of Fame. There was barely a sport. Nothing of that sort was something that we thought about and it was something that I never really worried too much about. It’s important to me, and several fighters that I know have done the same thing and I don’t know why we do it, maybe to create new goals for ourselves subconsciously, but all of the kickboxing belts and UFC belts that I’ve won over the years are in boxes in my basement or storage room. I don’t know if I did that to create new goals for myself or whatever. It’s not something we strived for. Now, when I was inducted into the Dan Gable hall of fame, that was a complete surprise. I grew up idolizing the ground Dan Gable walked one, so that was something that was like, ‘wow.’ The first time I met Dan Gable, I couldn’t even talk. I mean, what do you say to a guy like Dan Gable? Look, I’m thankful for the life I’ve led, and thankful for the things that have happened to me. It’s nice to have your name etched in history, hopefully 100 years from now someone will come across my name and say, ‘hey, that guy must have been a pretty tough guy.’ In the big scheme of things, what we’re doing now is not that big a deal. It’s nice to be recognized for climbing the mountain, though.”

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