Phil Davis Wants A Fight But The UFC Isn’t Calling

Top UFC light-heavyweight fighter, Phil Davis, has been benched since his August victory over Lyoto Machida (pictured).

He didn’t get popped for banned substances or get put on a lengthy medical suspension. He didn’t ask for an extended leave or go on vacation either. He’s just not getting any calls from the UFC and his camp is starting to wonder why.

Check out what Phil’s Alliance MMA trainer told ‘The MMA Hour’ recently about his star athlete:

“Listen, we’re looking at our calendar,I have to time my traveling in advance because I still work as a fireman, but we talked about Phil. I sat down with Phil, I said, ‘We need a fight. I don’t know what’s going on. It’s not because Phil doesn’t want to fight.Phil’s ready to fight. We’re just not getting the fight. Phil’s in a position where he should be fighting a top 5 guy. We’re just not getting those guys. People are out there not wanting to fight Phil as well.”

“At this point, does he just take a top 20 guy and just say, ‘Hey, I need to stay busy’? Obviously that’s something we need to consider at the same time because he just needs to get back in there. We were hoping he was fighting by February, but that’s not going to happen. Maybe March? I don’t know. April? I literally haven’t heard anything.”

“I don’t think they’ve offered him anything.”

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