Phil Davis: ‘This isn’t The Ultimate Jon Jones Fighting Championship’

“Why not get him a job? Throw him on payroll,” Davis tells Sportsnet Canada. “See what he can really do with the lightweights. He seems to matchmake so well. I don’t know. I feel bad for [Jones], but he put himself into an interesting predicament. ‘Why not just have a light heavyweight tournament and have the winner fight Jon Jones?’ That’s pretty much what he’s saying. ‘You guys should have a tournament.’ Call it ‘The Ultimate Jon Jones Fighting Championship.’

“We’re definitely not a group full of yes men,” says Davis of his San Diego camp. “When somebody reads an article of somebody saying something like, ‘Hey did you read so and so said blah blah blah?’ Not so much to take a dig at anybody but they like to get you going and fired up right before practice. It’s good. My team understands the position I’m in and what’s at stake. It’s good.”

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