Pettis: ‘He’s An Idol, Silva Critique Taken Out Of Context’

Anthony Pettis
“It was taken out of context. I said that it was a basic kick, not an amateur move. I said that it was a basic kick, which Anderson probably already did a million times, and they caught a piece of my quote and the headline showed me saying that was an amateur mistake. I’m sure that he already kicked someone’s legs millions of times and had never broken his own leg, than that was what I was talking. That was my train of thought. The question was if today I kick differently because of Anderson’s injury and I said that I don’t, because he got hurt performing a basic kick. Anderson Silva is an idol, I respect him a lot, he’s my favorite fighter in the world. I would never disrespect him. Anderson was always a guy who I sought inspiration.”

In a recent statement to The Brazilian Media, Anthony “Showtime” Pettis cleared the air regarding recent, ‘out of context’, statements he made regarding Anderson Silva. (See those HERE).

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