Peters on UFC: “Everybody is underpaid”

Wanderlei Silva

Comedian Rusell Peters is no stranger to MMA, and is apparently close friends with many UFC fighters. Because of that, he is speaking out about fighter pay, and believes that if fighters were paid more, that MMA could compete with Boxing.

He spoke on The MMA Hour to discuss why Boxing isn’t a dying sport like many MMA fans claim.

“I hated when people said that, because I was like no, that’s not the case,”

“It’s popular right now, but you have to understand boxing has been around forever and there’s far more money to be made in boxing. I think UFC or MMA could have come up if the fighters made more money. But I think everybody is underpaid.”

“They’re pretty happy with what they are making but they don’t know any better. Floyd Mayweather is making over $100 million a year, if he fights twice a year. That’s crazy. It was crazy when Lennox Lewis had amassed $100 million over his career.”

The issue of fighter pay is one that has been in the media a lot as of late, with many fighters, including Wanderlei Silva speaking out against the UFC for underpaying their fighters.

Do you think we will see a change in fighter pay in the coming years?

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