PED Expert: ‘Jon Jones Should Be Kept On A Very Short Leash’

Jon Jones

“The question is what was suppressing his testosterone production for that period of time. Something caused it to go down, and I do not believe it was overtraining. Exogenous testosterone and other steroids in a period of time, depending on dosage and method of administration, can completely shut your testosterone and epitestosterone levels in urine to 0…. The levels being low there can be many explanations. [People say], ‘Well maybe it’s because he was taking cocaine.’ There’s no solid science out there that shows cocaine lowers testosterone.”

“These (levels) are highly suspicious for Jon Jones, in my opinion. This is the reason that sophisticated anti-doping officials do target testing. So based on what we see here, my opinion is Jon Jones should be on a very short leash and should be random tested here until they sort out why he has these anomalies.”

During a recent interview with, PED Expert Victor Conte talked about the abnormal T/E levels in the drug testing samples of Jon “Bones” Jones.

Do you agree with him?