Patriots likely to void Chandler Jones contract in wake of ‘Brother’ UFC fight

Chandler Jones
The NFL’s Patriots franchise have put a stop to the brother vs. brother brawl Jon Jones and Chandler Jones have so aggressively been pursuing.

In a statement to TMZ, the New England Patriots Vice President of Media Relations stated the following:

“It’s not a matter of if we’d allow Chandler to fight his brother. We can’t stop the players from doing what they want. But he might be voiding his contract obligations to the team if he went out and did it. Without getting into a specific contract, there have to be clauses [in contracts] that protect the team … restrictions of physical activity that would risk injury. Whether it be skiing, jumping out of a plane or riding a motorcycle without a helmet in a state that requires one. I think they’re having fun, but do I think fighting is something they’re actually serious about? No. They’re brothers. They have a sibling rivalry. Take the Gronkowski brothers … there’s not a Gronk among them that would say Rob’s better at anything.”

Sorry fight fans.