Patricio Freire Calls Out Critics: “Talk Is Easy”

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Recently Bellator MMA featherweight champion Patricio Freire defended his title against former champion Daniel Straus.

The bout went to the 4th round, ending with a submission win for Freire, but not before several low-blows, eye pokes, and headbutts from both fighters, which many fans were not pleased with.

Freire spoke to MMAJunkie to discuss his win, as well as why he believes people saw the bout so negatively.

“I was expecting positive comments. On my Instagram and Twitter accounts, most people were congratulating me, thanking for the war I made. Even with the guy hitting me with illegal attacks, I was able to do it. That’s the reaction I expected everybody to have because anyone who watches the fight knows it. But some people are very critical, and they don’t see things from the positive side. In fact, there are a lot of snakes.”

“When you’re the champion, everyone wants to see you lose; that’s the truth. I get sad with it, but f-ck it. Anyone who is fighting on the level I am isn’t going to be an easy fight. It’s not easy do what we do. Talk is easy.”

“I don’t have any excuses for anyone. I was able keep the belt with me, even with so much adversity. Some things aren’t so easy; people who are outside can’t see or know what exactly is happening in the ring, and they can judge the way they want to. But I got eye-poked, head-butted and also I was hit with several low blows. The knee I landed was clean, but unfortunately my foot grazed him. It just grazed him – it wasn’t a kick to the balls. He used that to rest, but the knee was to his body, and he felt it. Then I had to go on and finish the fight again.

“I thought it was a fight of the highest level, not only high level. I fought a deserving contender, and it was great to my career, to my experience. To be knocked down, fall on the mat, have an eye closed one more time in a fight, open and start bleeding, come back from adversity and get out on top? I analyzed the fight, and I really liked it. I thought I was faster than I was. I was feinting more, and I was hit, but not every fighter that can do that to me. To me, I think I was great, and it was a great fight.”