Palhares on Shields: ‘He knows I’ll submit him’


“What this guy said about me is weird, but even parrot’s talk. Now it’s time to work hard and see who’s the best. You know why he was so mad? Because he knows he has to fight me now and knows that he will lose, that I will submit him. He trains jiu-jitsu, he knows that.”

“I think it’s great because he knows how it’s going to end. He can talk now because when the time comes, the victory will be mine. I don’t know if it’s just confidence, I just know that the victory will be mine. No doubt about it because we’re both from jiu-jitsu – at least I am – so it’s my fight and I will win. When I put my hands on him, he will realize who he’s fighting.”

During a recent chat with, WSOF champ Rousimar Palhares talked about his next title challenger in Jake Shields.

A date for the proposed welterweight title is not yet know.