Palhares: ‘Fitch the cheater got what he deserved’

Rousimar Palhares


Following Jon Fitch’s WSOF title bout against Rousimar Palhares, it was revealed that Fitch failed his post-fight drug test, for an undisclosed substance.

The failed drug test was one that Palhares found quite interesting, given that Fitch called Palhares a dirty fighter prior to the fight.

Palters spoke to MMAFighting about the irony of the situation.

“I was surprised because he criticized me so much, even talked about my family. He said I was a dirty fighter, so everyone gets what they deserve, right? I never thought something like that would happen to him after everything he said about me, right? I thought he was perfect, I thought he would never do something like that. But only God is perfect. I really don’t know if that makes my win even more impressive because I was just able to do exactly what I wanted. In fact, I was just surprised. The only thing that matters to me is that I won.”