Overeem “Hurting” Sparring Partners Ahead Of Struve Bout

Alistair OVereem

“I don’t have the back-to-the-wall feeling. As an athlete you can lose; you shouldn’t only lose, but I’m not only gonna lose. Why I can I say that is because I know what I’m doing with my sparring partners: I’m seriously pressuring all of them, hurting all of them. I know that the body is there, the mindset is there — I’m putting the effort in. I don’t really feel like my back is to the wall. But what I do really feel is that you do have to perform. You do have to get out there and do it.”

In a new chat with sherdog.com, Alistair ‘The Reem’ Overeem confirmed the sparring partner abuse rumors, by stating he’s whooping butt in training.

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