NUTS!! Werdum Drills Man’s Testicles With Full Force Kick That Elevates Him Off The Ground

Watching someone get low-blowed in the octagon is one of the most awkward moments for fans. The moment it happens, whoever is in color-commentary requests a replay so the fans can see how brutal it truly was. More often than not, the fighter just needs a couple minutes to shake it off and get back to his feet. Very rarely, however, fighters sometimes utilize their full five minutes to recuperate from the ball shot.

This would be one of those times. Now UFC Heavyweight Champion Fabricio Werdum took place in this stunt a couple years ago and we bring this video out of the vault for your viewing pleasure! It’s like a train wreck… you know what’s going to happen but you just can’t look away.

How much money would somebody have to pay you to get kicked by Werdum like that? Share your answer in the comment section below!

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