NSAC Votes: 3 Year Punishment for Steroid Users, Win Turns to Loss

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva Shocked

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has decided to crack down on fighters failing drug tests and it looks like the Nevada State Athletic Commission is following suit. The NSAC voted for changes to their drug policy that could leave fighters who fail future drug tests empty knocked on their backside.

If a fighter tests positive for steroids and wins, it will automatically become a loss. First time offenders could face up to three years suspension and half of their fight purse being penalized. Three strikes and you’re gone; you could receive a lifetime ban.

These rules are set to take action on September 1st. Brett Okamoto released the details of the new ruleset in the Tweet below:

Do you think these punishments are too harsh? Is it time the NSAC took action? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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