NSAC Seeking Harsher Penalties For Fighters Who Fail Drug Tests


The Nevada State Athletic Commission is currently seeking harsher punishments for fighters who fail drug tests.

This comes on the heels of Robert Drysdale being suspended for a year following his 2nd failed drug test (Read that HERE).

Earlier this year Wanderlei Silva received a lifetime ban after fleeing an NSAC official who was attempting to drug test the fighter, and Chael Sonnen was suspended for 2-years after testing positive for multiple banned substances.

Commissioner Bill Brady stated to MMAJunkie that:

“It’s time for those who don’t want to play by the rules are punished severely for it,”

Commissioner Pat Lundvall recommended that acting commissioner Anthony Marnell III,

“look at that in the context of whether we need to increase our suspensions to provide a greater deterrent for any of those who are found in violation of the policies.”

“That would take us more in line with USADA’s structure and the WADA code. That’s something we rejected in the past, but it’s a comment that I have whether we need to embrace it rather than reject it.”

What do you think? Should penalties for PED users be harsher? Sound off in the comments section!

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