Cain Velasquez
“What I do think is this, had he never gotten injured, he’d be the greatest heavyweight of all time right now; because of what the guy can do. What I do believe, is that it will take longer for people to recognize him as the greatest, you know, because of the injuries. Even if he never gets injured going forward, you know depending on him, he has a good six, seven or maybe even 10 years ahead of fighting, if that is what he chooses to do. So, he is still going to hit that goal of the greatest of all time, but obviously we can’t hit him with that label right now. Not yet. He needs more fights I think. But he will get there, it is just going to take a little longer.”

In a recent interview with, The MMA Hour, Cain Velasquez head coach, Javier Mendez discussed the legacy currently left by the UFC heavyweight champ.


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