Northcutt Considering Time Off From School To Train Full Time

“As of now, I’m still a freshman, because I’m 19. But last semester, I was taking full-time classes and the workload is so much that you really don’t get time to train. So I got to work out a little bit, work out, like, biceps and do some cardio, but not much time to train MMA.

“So in the future, with more fights to come, I might actually take time off from school and take a break and train full-time. That might be a little scary for some people, because I think I’ll be a totally different animal out there training full-time.”

Did you see UFC lightweight Sage Northcutt make his debut this past Saturday at UFC 192? If you didn’t, here’s what you need to know. He destroyed his opponent, Francisco Trevino, in under a minute and looked scary doing it. Now, want to know something scary? The 19 year old wasn’t even training full time for the fight. In fact he told UFC Tonight that he really had little time to do any kind of training because of his college workload.

Northcutt also said that in the future he’s considering taking some time away from school in order to train full time. So UFC lightweights beware!

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