Nik Lentz responds to BJ Penn once again

Recently it was announced that our namesake BJ Penn would be coming out of retirement to chase the featherweight championship. With Greg Jackson in his corner, Penn hopes to capture the featherweight championship and become the first man in UFC history to hold a championship belt in 3 weight classes.

While a fight with Nik Lentz seemed to be out of the question, Penn is coming back regardless of whether or not he gets to fight Lentz.

In an open letter to MMAFighting, Lentz once again put Penn on blast, stating that ‘The Prodigy’ “Can’t beat anybody” and that he cares “nothing for the sport”.

In the lengthy letter Lentz concludes with:

“You are a sad old clown. Your makeup is smeared, your costume ragged and dirty. The Circus has moved on, and left you behind.

There’s no way back home either; you’ve burned all those bridges.

You’re doomed.”

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