Nick Lentz’s Drag Challenge Accepted

Nick Lentz
This isn’t drag racing…

According to there has been some interesting negotiation going on between Nick Lentz and his potential opponent, Levan Makashvili.

Following some unpleasant words, Lentz challenged Levan, and his translator, to a winner wears drag wager, one that Makasvili has accepted.

Check it:

Mr. Nik Lentz,

The wounded warrior 10% donation is a wonderful idea. Great attempt in trying to cover your past cowardly behavior with a noble cause. Now don’t back out on them either. If that’s going to excite you then let’s do it. Speaking of excitement your request to see my trainer in a dress is creepy, but he will comply because he is confident you will lose . Why don’t we make the wager fair? When I win, YOU have to put on a skirt. With all these stipulations we are truly convinced you don’t want this fight. We can sense you are already broken mentally. It is obvious your fear has exposed itself in your own words and our past suspicions are validated with your interview. I hope there is enough incentive for you now. Your mouth is writing checks that your ass can’t cash, get ready for a beating buddy. We accept without a shadow of a doubt, at a blink of an eye we accept!

Formally and officially your pal,

Levan Makashvili

P.S. Don’t get sick again buttercup