Nick Diaz: ‘UFC calls me when they need a real fighter’


“It’s not about winning the belt at this point. For me, I already fought some of the best people there are. I already did, you know, what I need to do for me. So now it’s just more about, you know, having the right fights, making the right deals. Because for me, the guys who I beat are already the best there are. At this point in time, they’re going to use me to fight the most important guys. Because these guys they got out there right now aren’t very… they’re not really shining too hard. So they’ll use me anytime they need a guy for a good fight. (When) they need a real fighter who fights the way that they want to see, then all they gotta do is make a deal with me.”

During yesterday’s pre-fight media call Nick Diaz talked about his place amongst the UFC’s roster.

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