Nick Diaz Still Retired: ‘I’d Rather Work At Walmart Than Fight For The UFC’

“I never considered anything other than to renegotiate my contract or fight Johny Hendricks. All I said was, What am I getting paid? And he said, Let me check your contract. And the last text I got from him was what I would be fighting for. I didn’t consider fighting for that kind of money. I didn’t say anything back to him, right, but usually that means something. I’m not considering even for a second fighting any of those guys for less than $500,000. There’s no way.

 I’m retired. Completely retired. Unless the UFC wants to renegotiate for something I’m happy with or I’m going to be fighting for the world title, which is obviously going to be for something I’m happy with because I’ll make a ton of money. 

The UFC wants me to fight. The people want me to fight. I don’t want me to fight. So if we’re going to need me to fight, we’re going to have to work out the right deal.”

“I’m not in love with fighting. I never was. That’s crazy. I don’t love to fight; I don’t want to fight. I get my ass beat more when I win a fight than when I lose. I know you don’t want to get your ass beat. I feel the same way. I feel the exact same way about retirement. I could give a fuck. 
”I’m not going backward in this sport ever, especially in pay. Why would I? To get my ass whooped? No. I would rather work at Wal-Mart. I have enough money to buy a nice house, do some gigs, save some money…. I’m not so sure my heart was ever in it. I don’t know what that means. If I’m getting paid what I want to get paid, hell yeah I’m into it. I’m not into it if it’s not worth it to me. If they want to renegotiate, I like that. But if not, then I don’t give a shit…. I’m ready to fight for the right money. It’s worth maybe getting your face smashed in for that much money. But for less, I’d rather get a regular job and be that guy who used to fight, made a title run, Showtime/Strikeforce champion.”

In a recent statement made to, Nick Diaz, goes off, just like his brother, about fighter pay in MMA.

The older Diaz brother remained headstrong when discussing his potential return to action, stating no less than $500k will do the trick.

Should the UFC break these guys off so we can see them return to the cage?


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