Nick Diaz Gets Five Years While Anderson Silva Gets One –– What?

Nick Diaz

UFC 183 was a huge event. In a fight many never thought we would see, former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva took on former Strikeforce welterweight champ Nick Diaz. Two of the very best strikers in MMA.

It was also a big deal because it was Silva’s return, following his devastating leg break from that second Chris Weidman fight. The fight was massive.

Flash forward to now. The aftermath of that fight is felt more now than ever before. On Monday Diaz was suspended for five years and fined $650.000 for failing a drug test at UFC 183. At the hearing Diaz’s legal team made it very clear that the results of the tests are extremely inconsistent. Basically, there were three tests from the same sample. Only one test came back positive, out of three. Diaz’s team tried to prove, with the help of an expert, that it was “medically implausible” for Diaz to test for all those different levels.

Perhaps the most aggravating side of the whole hearing was the deliberation from the commission. After all the information and testimony was presented (over three hours) they sat up there and talked about how Diaz made them feel disrespected and how they didn’t like that he refused to answer their questions, even though it’s his constitutional right.

Basically, they didn’t like that Diaz wouldn’t play there game. They wanted him to come in there and answer all their questions and be sorry and remorseful, for what? Smoking weed? His opponent, Anderson Silva, tested positive for steroids (steroids!) and put on one of the worst legal defenses ever, trying to convince the board that it was all from a blue liquid sex medication that a friend from Thailand gave him and they gave him one year. One year.

Five years. You just gave a guy a five year suspension for not respecting your ego tripped circus? It’s sad. Truly, the fact that this has happened is sad.

So, here you go:

I mean it’s hard to not side with Diaz. In fact can you point to anyone who has not supported Diaz? Sure there are those who might say, ‘well, he did it.’ But that’s not even the argument here. The argument is how absurd the NSAC is in their ruling. Let’s just say his legal team didn’t put forth a defense that showed, using facts and expert testimony that the tests were incredibly inconsistent (which they did). Let’s say they didn’t. Do you still think that testing positive for weed is equal to testing positive for steroids and PEDs? Be real.

Diaz’s team will look to file an appeal, in hopes of getting a judicial review. All that legal stuff will take a while, but through it all, let’s show support for Stockton’s own.

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