Nick Diaz: ‘Most fighters like their steroids’

Nick Diaz

“I like that, it’s good. “I think at this point a lot of people aren’t into it. Most fighters for the most part, they like to do steroids. So that’s too bad for them.”

“I look at it like there’s ups and downs for fighters who are doing a lot of steroids, and you know, I look at my career like a long-term (thing).

“Martial arts, when I do martial arts, it’s more of a life type of training. I do martial arts for myself in general, so I’m not trying to go there with needing extra help and doing all of that. I just try to be as healthy as I can, pretty much. It’s not my thing really to be on steroids, so you have different types of fighters, I guess you could say. Different types of athletes. I think stylistically though, these guys who take steroids, they’re a just different crew a lot of times.”

In a recent interview with‘s “The MMA Hour“, returning UFC favorite, Nick Diaz discussed the ongoing problem of PED’s in Mixed Martial Arts.


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