Nick Diaz Doubles Allowable Limit For Pot, Faces Disciplinary Action


According to reports, Nick Diaz didn’t just fail for marijuana. He REALLY¬†failed for marijuana. has it:

Diaz then tested positive for marijuana metabolites in a post-fight drug test, as Yahoo! Sports reported Tuesday. Bennett said the amount of marijuana metabolites in Diaz’s system was 300 ng/ml — double the threshold of 150 ng/ml.

Fighters who have failed tests previously must re-apply for licenses with the NAC before being allowed to compete again. Diaz had popped for weed twice before in Nevada. The process to get re-licensed requires submitting documentation of a clean drug test. Gracie said Diaz was not able to do so until the 11th hour. Bennett said he believes the paperwork came in Jan. 28, three days before UFC 183.

“It’s not an anomaly,” Bennett said. “We do get them at the last second. We’d prefer not to, because it creates problems. But don’t think we didn’t contact the promoters. We did contact the promoters. We said, ‘We need a clean bill of health from Nick or he isn’t fighting.'”

According to Gracie, Diaz failed several tests before passing the one that was submitted to the commission last week. The positive tests were not submitted to the commission, so Bennett said he has no records of them. It wouldn’t matter anyway. Marijuana is not prohibited by the NAC out of competition, so Diaz faced no penalties leading up to the bout.

Diaz will face discipline since that is an in-competition test. Anything inside a 12-hour window before and after the fight is considered in-competition.