Nick Diaz Apologizes For Missing Open Workouts


“I had to go back home for some things, so I didn’t make it here as soon as I would have liked to. So I apologize to all the fans, especially the ones that were here to see the open workout. I didn’t really put too much thought into it. I was just more focused on the fight. I’ve pulled the same card a couple of times. It’s pretty inconsiderate of me. Again, I apologize to all the fans who were anticipating a show on Wednesday.”

“I’m not trying to rush anything for anybody. I got a deadline, I know what that is. That’s come make what weight on Friday, come fight on Saturday. Do the best I can to put on a show for the fans, fight for the fans, come in at 100-percent for the fans. If I’m gonna do that to the best of my ability, I’m gonna do the best I can to do that. At this point in time, regardless of whatever obligations I have, for me I’m gonna have to do what I gotta do. I’m gonna say it again: I apologize to Dana White, to all the UFC, everything is prepared.”

“When we got to the airport I was like, I think I’d just rather sleep in my own bed tonight. I think [the UFC was] gonna try to jam me up with a bunch of things, they were gonna keep me up.”

“Sure, yeah. Go ahead. They’re gonna get a show. They’re gonna have something regardless. They’re gonna say whatever they want to say. They had fun with it. That’s fine. They’re gonna do what they like.”

Taking to today’s UFC 183 Ultimate Media Day, event headliner Nick Diaz apologized for missing yesterday’s open workout. You can catch his full 35-minute long media scrum RIGHT HERE.