Newell Says Illegal Knee Changed The Fight, Wants A Rematch

“It’s not something that is up for debate. It’s very blatant that the knees hit me in the head. I wasn’t the same. It’s obvious when you watch the video that it’s what cut me. It’s obvious that, when I got up, I was wobbly, and they need to closely monitor who they hire as referees, and they need to have stricter standards.”

“I’m not saying that I would have won had it not happened. I respect Justin. He’s a great fighter, but I was winning the fight up until it did happen, and it happened, and it changed the fight. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. It was a huge momentum swing. It went from me winning, to me just getting destroyed. I don’t even remember the fight after the knee. I don’t remember anything my corner said to me or anything.”

“We aren’t playing horseshoes over here. It’s a violent sport, and it’s a referee’s responsibility to catch something illegal that could hurt someone. It cost me half my paycheck and it cost me a world title.”

“I honestly think I deserve a rematch, but I am not going to be bitter about.”

“I usually watch where I hit. I am not saying Justin’s a dirty fighter or trying to throw his name in the mud or anything like that. I am just saying he got reckless, hit me with illegal blows and it changed the fight. It went from being someone clearly winning to someone else clearly winning after the knees. I feel like I deserve another chance because the first one wasn’t fair.”


On July 4th weekend, Nick Newell went up against stuff odds and fought for the WSOF work-title. Over the course of the bout he suffered an illegal knee that changed the fights course.

Now, in a recent interview with, he’s calling for a rematch.  You can see the illegal blow HERE.



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