Nevada: ‘We would never conspire to delay drug results’

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva failed his pre-fight drug test on January 9 for two different steroids. The former champion was then allowed to fight on February 3 in the UFC 183 main event against Nick Diaz.

Fans, and fighters, have an issue with that, and rightfully so.

In a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, Bob Bennet of the Nevada State Athletic Commission hoped to silence conspiracy theorist, who believe the state is somehow in “cahoots” with the UFC.

Check it:

“To think for one second that we would consider that — maybe it’s mother nature for some negative people to think that way — it’s ludicrous. I have 24 years in the FBI. To think someone could get me to close my eyes to a positive test, to risk someone getting hurt, that conspiracy theory is … we would never do that.”