‘Piece of Sh*t Bjorn Rebney did something horrible to me’


Bellator season 8 winner, Magomedrasul “Frodo” Khasbulaev (pictured) is convinced his nearly two-year lay off is part of a bigger conspiracy led by former Bellator President Bjorn Rebney.

MMA.TV breaks it down at great length:

In Aug, the fighter’s manager asked that he be released from his Bellator contract.

Now Khasbulaev has taken to Twitter and alleges that rather than fight long and hard, Rebney sabotaged his visa application ahead his title shot at Pat Curran.

MRasul Khasbulaev @FrodoMMA
•found out pieces of shit @SamCaplanMMA and @BjornRebney did something horrible to me. @arielhelwani @MMAjunkieJohn @BellatorMMA lets talk
•@BjornRebney and @SamCaplanMMA stole two years of my life. When I let my story out everyone will know what happened @arielhelwani
•@SamCaplanMMA @BjornRebney @arielhelwani yes you piece shit. The embassy say you guys withdrew my visa app before curran fight
•If you want an interview me contact @Rizvan_RM my manager. @arielhelwani @MMAjunkieJohn @MMAFighting
•@SamCaplanMMA @BjornRebney @arielhelwani you’re liar you piece of shit. That’s not the truth. Have documents I will give to media to expose
•@SamCaplanMMA @snarkyRedhd @BjornRebney @arielhelwani sure they want Russian champion can barely speak English
•@SamCaplanMMA @andrewhepburn00 @arielhelwani I guess American embassy is liar and you tell truth
•@SamCaplanMMA @eldarchicago @BjornRebney @arielhelwani now is my management fault. I will send documents I have and see people think
•Just be clear @ScottCoker and @rich_chou trying to help me now. The other pieces of shit used to work Bellator screwed me
*@arielhelwani @snarkyRedhd @Patrick_Wyman @SamCaplanMMA @andrewhepburn00 why you only fight for ufc guys? I will take you off

Ariel Helwani @arielhelwani
@snarkyRedhd @Patrick_Wyman @SamCaplanMMA @andrewhepburn00 no mas. Please take me out of this convo

Then undefeated UFC lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov weighed in

Khabib Nurmagomedov @TeamKhabib
•@FrodoMMA @SamCaplanMMA @andrewhepburn00 @arielhelwani I grew up with frodo. One thing he doesn’t do is lie
•@FrodoMMA @SamCaplanMMA @andrewhepburn00 @arielhelwani for many years Russian fighters in Bellator have suffered because these bad guys

Caplan addresses the allegations in the latest MMA Insiders Podcast.

“First off, the accusations that he levied against me, at least towards me, as far as I’m concerned, are 100% false,” said Caplan. “And I have written documentation that supports that – that shows for the last couple of years I was engaged with Bellator counsel, our in house counsel, as well as an immigration attorney that we had hired on an outsource basis.

“These emails show a thread of communication, of me going back and forth with them, and asking them questions, getting updates, getting information, pertaining to Frodo Khasbulaev getting his visa revoked. And then the process that we undertook to assist him in reapplying and trying to get his visa back. And it contradicts his timeline. It shows that there was work being done on his behalf by Bellator attorneys after the date on which he claims that the petition was withdrawn.

“I was dealing with this situation up until my departure from Bellator in August. There’s an email, dated I believe August 17th, that depicts that as well, with communication from (the) Bellator attorney, our in house counsel, giving another update, stating that his visa was revoked, and that we were not successful in getting the visa reinstated. So I don’t know where he’s getting his information.

“He claims that there is a letter from the US embassy that names Bjorn Rebney and I in the letter. I’m trying to see if I can obtain that letter from him, or from a member of the media. Because it is very uncharacteristic for you to get that level of description from an embassy telling you why a visa was revoked.”

“Usually it’s very general, it’s a general term that they give you, of denial, and they don’t really go into specifics, and they are really limited on the access that you have to the embassy to ask them follow up questions, and get a defined answer in great detail.

“So what he’s stating, I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s very uncharacteristic for the embassy to do something like that. But beyond that the time line he states is completely inaccurate. And I have documentation that supports my claims. And I have made that documentation available to you and to one other reporter in the MMA media. So I am looking forward to my story getting out there in a broader perspective. So that people can really decipher the truth.

“I can’t speak for Bjorn Rebney, and Bjorn probably isn’t going to speak for himself. That’s just not what he’s going to do right now. From what I’ve been told, he’s working on other things outside the realm of MMA. He’s been very silent on his Twitter account, and very silent publicly. I don’t think we’re going to hear from his again until he has another endeavor he’s going to launch and promoter.

“Bjorn had absolute power in Bellator when it came to these kinds of things. For all I know he could have went and maybe withdrawn it himself. But if you look at the communication from our attorneys and the emails I’ve made available to you Jason and to also another reporter, it shows that there were people working on this in Bellator that aren’t Bjorn and I.

“Who ever was using that Twitter account, whether it was Frodo or his management or someone else, they made the claim that the motive for Bjorn and I to withdraw this visa petition was because we didn’t want him as our champion which is completely ridiculous.

“Because I can tell you this, if we didn’t want Russian fighters with limited English as our champions, we wouldn’t have signed so many Russians!”

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