REPLAY! A Peruvian Christmas Celebration

Fists fly in Peru this Holiday season.


It’s called Takanakuy, and it involves knocking out your nearest and dearest on Christmas Day.

Every December 25, hundreds of indigenous Andean citizens of the Chumbivilcas Province, near Cuzco, celebrate by wrapping their fists in tissue and duking it out, gladiator style, with friends and relatives. It’s not just passive aggression. Some use Takanakuy to settle serious personal or legal disputes. Your best friend stole your girlfriend? Wait for Takanakuy. Your neighbor built on your property? Wait for Takanakuy. The rules are simple: Whoever wins, wins the case. “It’s only slightly violent,” says Milagros Flores Chino, a regular participant who lives in Cuzco.

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