UFC CEO Calls McGregor “The Irish Muhammad Ali”

Conor McGregor

Is Conor McGregor the next Muhammad Ali? UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta knows the thought sounds “kind of stupid”, but that isn’t stopping him from the making the proclamation.

In a new interview with USA Today’s MMAJunkie.com, the UFC boss explained:

“I hate even saying this, but with his gift of gab and his athletic ability and fighting ability, it’s almost like the Irish Muhammad Ali in a way. To compare anybody to Ali is kind of stupid because of all the other great things that were associated with him from a social movement and everything else. But Conor has just got that sparkle, that thing to him. Wherever he goes – whether we put him on TV, whether he’s doing an interview, whether he’s around a group of people – he just is the center of attention. He’s got that special quality, and for a guy that’s fought in the UFC four times to have the interest of GQ Magazine, Men’s Health, ESPN? He’s got it.”

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