Emelianenko Bans Smoking In Prison Cell

alex emelianenko

Alexander Emelianenko, the brother of MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko, who is currently incarcerated for allegedly raping a female maid, has banned smoking in what appears to be his cell, as well as his immediate area.

According to our understanding via Google Translate, in the ‘chamber rules’, with chamber likely meaning cell, Emelianenko can ban others from smoking. It also appears that Emelianenko still works out regularly, which is the likely reason for the ban, and has even got several cellmates hooked on MMA.

Aleksander Emelianenko banned smoking prisoner in his cell Famous fighter leads a healthy lifestyle, while in prison, inmates and attaches to the sport.

33-year-old mixed martial arts fighter Aleksander Emelianenko is now in jail-2 on suspicion of rape. However, prison cells do not interfere with the athlete to lead a healthy lifestyle. Daily Emelianenko for a few hours spent in the gym jail. He also began to attach his cellmates to the sport.

How to tell the members of the Commission, the famous fighter found in the chamber rules. If one of the inmates are going to smoke, he will have to be wrung out 20 times. Inmates regularly perform new installations Emelianenko.

– Via Lifenews.ru via Google Translate

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