Cody McKenzie Retires From MMA


Former UFC fighter Cody McKenzie has retired from MMA, or, according to his words, has “quit”.

He released the following Tweet regarding the matter, which has since been deleted, along with McKenzie’s Twitter account.

I’m done fighting I would call it retiring but I never made no money so yea I quit.

— . (@TheCodyMcKenzie) December 18, 2014

He divulged more in an interview with GroundNPound.

I fought for the UFC for five years or whatever and fought a bunch of times for free for them and all this other bulls–t. The UFC’s a joke, they rip guys off and they treat them like s–t. I mean they have a few guys that they treat good, but I wasn’t one of them. …I hope the lawsuit goes through, and I hope they get sued for millions. F–k the UFC.

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