Nate Quarry: ‘THIS is why I’m a part of the court case against Zuffa.’

Nate Quarry

Former UFC fighter Nate Quarry is one of the fighters involved in the class-action lawsuit against Zuffa, LLC., which claims the UFC participated in anti-competitive practices, which effected fighter’s careers.

So today when Quarry read the report detailing that Vitor Belfort tested positive for high levels of testosterone before UFC 152, where he fought Jon Jones for the title, and apparently the UFC knew but kept it from getting out, he of course had something to say.

Quarry took to his Facebook to explain that this is the kind of thing he’s fighting for in the lawsuit.

Check it out!

Zuffa gets test results that proved Belfort was using PEDs. Then they accidentally share those results with members of the MMA media.

They bury the test results and threatened anyone that would come out and release the results of Vitor’s test.

Let’s say you’re going to fight and your opponent is using steroids. He’s drug tested and pops positive but the promoter hides the results and doesn’t tell you your opponent is juiced up. All because they don’t want to lose their main event.

Blatant manipulation of the sport? Putting fighter safety behind profits? Using a double standard for your stars vs your run of the mill fighters?

THIS is why I’m a part of the court case against Zuffa. Things have to change.

What do you guys make of this whole alleged UFC cover up?

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