Moving On Up — Dodson Heads To 135 In Pursuit Of Dillashaw

Looks like UFC flyweight title challenger John Dodson will be making the move back up to the bantamweight division.

The news came out on Wednesday’s episode of UFC Tonight. According to the report, Dodson wants to return to action sometime in December or January and when he does step back into the octagon, it will be at 135 pounds.

Dodson won TUF in the bantamweight division and actually KO’d the current champ TJ Dillashaw in that season’s finale. Obviously Dodson will be looking to get back to Dillashaw in order to KO him again and this time win the title. However, it’s clear that Dillashaw is not the same fighter he was back then and this time around we’d likely see a much different fight.

Dodson’s move comes after his second loss to the flyweight king Demetrious Johnson. Outside of ‘Mighty Mouse’ Dodson went 5-0 in the division but will now try his hand at the higher weight class.

Dodson’s manager said that of course losing twice¬†to DJ was one reason for the move, but also the new IV ban and stricter drug testing made Dodson feel like the playing field would be even and he could be successful at 135.

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