Mousasi Accuses Machida Of Greasing: ‘He Was Oiled Up For Sure’

Back in February of 2014 UFC middleweights Gegard Mousasi and Lyoto Machida met in the octagon and battled it out for five full rounds. Machida ended up earning the unanimous decision, but now, ahead of his fight with Uriah Hall at UFC Fight Night: Japan Saturday night, Mousasi is accusing ‘The Dragon’ of greasing.

Mousasi talked to MMAFighting and said that he would like to rematch Machida, and this time fight in the U.S., not Brazil, that way he won’t get away with being oiled up.

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“I think it’s going to be a very different fight fighting him in the U.S., not fighting him in Brazil. That would be a big difference. First of all, I think the newer drug policy is good. And he was very slippery in that fight, I think he put some oil in his body. Those things I believe would be different if he’s not fighting in Brazil.

“One thing I know for sure is he was oiled up. He had a lot of oil in his body. You don’t sweat it, but once you sweat it comes out. I’m fighting, at that moment I don’t think about it, but looking back to the fight, I took him down and he got back right up, I wasn’t able to grab something. I had his back, and I slipped from his back. Later one, even Luke Rockhold said he was slippery in his fight. Watching the pictures, he was shining as hell. What can I say? So those are things it makes difference, so, yeah, I think it’s gonna make the difference if he fights somewhere else.”

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