Mousasi Accepted Belfort Fight, Only To Be Turned Down

Gegard Mousasi



Former training partners Gegard Mousasi and Vitor Belfort almost came to blows, in the Octagon.

If only Vitor would have accepted…

“I was planning on going on holiday, but the UFC called me and asked me ‘would you like to fight Vitor Belfort?’ and I said I had to talk to my coaches because I didn’t want to have that burn out feeling again of fighting just because you have a fight. I really wanted to take my rest, but after talking with my coaches and it was such a big opportunity and I was in the mood to fight.”

“He’s going for the belt, that’s his main focus, he wants to have that achievement. That’s his goal I believe. I understand he doesn’t want to risk it. He doesn’t want to risk losing and losing his title shot. It’s a risk and at this point in his career, he doesn’t need to take the risk.

“I can’t blame him. I met him, I even trained with him once. It’s not personal. They offered me the fight and I said yes. I’ve got nothing against him.”

Vitor Belfort has decided to sit idle, and wait for his title shot against Chris Weidman.