More Details About Booted UFC Judge Revealed

Yesterday during UFC Macau, Dana White made a judgement call mid fight to remove judge Howard Hughes mid card. The decision came after two controversial decisions, where Hughes ended up being the deciding judge in both cases.

The first robbery of the night was during the Elizabeth Phillips and Milana Dudieva fight. Phillips was in top position for the majority of the fight, but the decision was still given to Milana Dudieva.

Phillips took to social media to express her frustration:
“I got robbed so fucking bad. I hate the UFC. I was on top dominating all three round [sic] elbowing this Russian price [sic] of crap. And they said I lost split decision. Anybody says that I lost is a price [sic] of crap and will get deleted from my friends list cause I whooped her ass the whole fight. I’m done fighting for a while cause this is some corrupt shit.”

The next robbery came during the Yao Zhikui vs. Royston Wee fight where again, Hughes was the deciding judge in what ultimately ended up as a split decision win for Wee. Zhikui also took to social media saying:
“Where did I lose that fight? It must be because I didn’t get the knockout. I’m sorry to the fans, I really thought I had that but I am grateful for their support. I’m speechless right now.”

UFC President Dana White explained to media after why he chose to remove the judge mid card.

He was involved in the first fight and the second fight. I told the guys to go let him grab some beer and some popcorn and go sit down and start watching some fights, not judging them.”

MMAJunkie then confirmed the news with Dana White and got an official statement from the President, who said:
“I know a lot of people, the media included and the fans I saw on Twitter, felt that Phillips won the fight, but I thought Milana won the fight, so I disagree,” White said. “But at the end of the day, who gives a s-t what I think. It’s the judges. They pick the winner, and that’s all that matters.”

“It wasn’t great tonight,” White said. “It wasn’t, and it drives me crazy. So, I can sit there and ridicule Nevada, California and all these other places we go, but nobody to point the finger at tonight except for us.”

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