Moraga on Gates controversial punch: “It was my fault”

John Moraga

On the prelims of UFC on FOX 13 yesterday, fight fans witnessed something that’s seldom, if ever, seen inside the Octagon.

John Moraga was hit with an unintentional low-blow from Willie Gates. Referee Jason Herzog gave Moraga a chance to recover, however Moraga chose to continue fighting. Shortly after, Moraga gestured to his cup again, suggesting that he had once again been hit below the belt. Jason Herzog didn’t see the hit, and told the fighters to keep fighting. Moraga turned to discuss the blow with Herzog, at which point Gates landed a hard punch that dropped Moraga.

Many fight fans can see the blow both ways. The referee never stopped the fight, which made Willie Gates blow perfectly legal, however John Moraga believes it was “a bitch move”.

His words:

“It was my fault, I guess, but that was a b-tch move. I’m the type of fighter, I don’t need to cheat. I’m not saying it was cheating, but I’d rather beat you like a man.”

“I totally forgot about it during the fight, once I got on top – I just wanted to elbow him, but as the fight went on, I had forgotten all about it.”

Moraga was asked if Gates apologized after the bout, to which he responded:

“No, (he didn’t apologize) I messed up, I guess. I don’t really remember exactly what happened. I think me and him had a few words, and he kind of looked at me like I was crying about nothing, and I was like, ‘Dude, you kicked me right in the (groin),’ you know?”

– via MMAJunkie

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